Ignite Community School - Beaumont


Who We Are

Ignite Community School - Beaumont is a tuition-free, public charter school with a challenging curriculum that adapts to the individual learning needs of each scholar. Our whole-child approach to education makes family and community engagement a priority and gives scholars the tools they need to succeed in college and beyond.

Our Program

Our goal at Ignite Community School - Beaumont is to create responsible, goal-orientated students who are focused on academic success.


Welcome to Ignite Community School - Beaumont! Ignite Community School allows scholars to develop a sense of belonging, an understanding of self, and an awareness of their place in (and impact on) the world around them. Learning is non-negotiable.
We teach our scholars to reach new heights, discover their potential, and always dream big. At Ignite Community School - Beaumont, we can, we will, and we must be successful. 
With Warmest Regards,
Eric Davis
Interim Campus Director


September Lunch Menu

This menu is subject to change without notice based on availability from the vendor.

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